Digital Skills Workshops

The Digital Skills Workshops aims to empower women through access to internet & digital tools. This pioneering initiative brings women from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to basic Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Maps so they can set up small businesses or expand it.

Under the workshops, we started three initiatives:

Digital Literacy Program with UN Women

The Digital Literacy Program (DLP) is structured keeping in mind the shortcomings of the social norms in Pakistan. Circle’s initiative powered by UN Women Pakistan is a step towards bringing women entrepreneurs closer to the tech conveniences that can help their business flourish and teach them various tactics of digital and social media. DLP offers courses that are apt as per each woman’s business type. COVID-19 crisis has affected businesses severely and especially those run by women because of safety issues, health issues or household responsibilities being a constraint. DLP enables them to work in a technologically advanced way, giving them wings and room for their dreams to take off. The program intends to empower women by helping them in carving a path to build their desired niche.

It initiated under the pandemic and in the first round 65 women were enabled and empowered to use social media platforms.

There are 260 women from our Digital Skills workshops in collaboration with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi from Bahawalpur, RahimYarKhan and Muzaffargarh.

There are 100+ women from our Digital and Capacity Building Workshops with Friedrich Naumann Foundation from Kaachi, Gilgit, Ghizer, Peshawar

” My husband was a rickshaw driver. We were always facing a financial crisis. I felt useless. Digital Literacy Project by CIRCLE Women inspired me to start my business by creating social media pages and using Whatsapp. Now I am launching my own food delivery “

Anam Shahzadi, Sialkot , DLP Graduate.