Given Women Financial Stability

Getting financial freedom is a basic right of every woman in the world – but attaining it is harder than we may believe. There are many factors which hinder women’s financial freedom, especially in countries where there is male dominance. Working for women is treated as a taboo, they are not “meant” to contribute to the financial management of their household, and they are treated as the person to serve their family in char devari.

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. While it poses a serious threat, it has introduced us to the power of the internet, the power of connectivity and a clear way to achieve non-gender biased financial independence. There are multitudes of enthusiastic Pakistanis who are promoting the culture of financial freedom for every individual. They are continuously trying to uplift people who have lost their jobs, they encourage them and educate them to start learning and earning online. This has led to bringing in positive change in Pakistan.

My own story begins as a young girl with big goals and ambitions. However, once I graduated and Covid began affecting the market, the job search became increasingly difficult. Companies were downsizing their employees and I began to feel lost, losing motivation and hope. One day as I scrolled through social media I came across Circle’s Digital Marketing course. This was free of cost – little did I know how it would change the course of my life. In only 3 months this course gave me so much insight about the field and lead me towards getting financial independence. 

Now, I am working online as a Digital Marketer for small businesses. I handle their online presence and social media and try to make as much of an impact in society as I can. I am also thinking of starting freelancing.

I have learnt that to earn online, there are only three things you need: time, dedication and motivation. The amount of free and paid resources to access any skill you are interested in is truly amazing. Here is a list of ideas for you:

1.      Show the world your power by starting DIGITAL MARKETING.

2.      If you are good at writing, start BLOGGING.

3.      If you love to travel and visit different places, start VLOGGING 

4.      If you are good at cooking, baking, stitching, designing, decorating, styling, and teaching or even eating, start your YOUTUBE CHANNEL and let the world see your talent.

5.      If you are good at management, become a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

If anything in this list sounds like you, this is your sign to get started!

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